What are the top 10 Apps of 2015

With the advent of the mobile and PDA platform apps, immense aspects of our lives have revolutionized. The best thing about the apps that launched in the year 2015 is their resourcefulness.

There are now apps available that can influence our lives in different manners than just technology or mobile communication. Although the newer Android and iOS apps that launched for the year are more remarkable than the previous apps, and it would be great to talk about them.

So now, we will try to cover the importance of those apps that are about to affect our daily lives in one way or the other.

Clean Master:


This Android App 2015 will speed up the processing power of your phone by cleaning the memory space. Arguably, one of the top Android apps in the year 2015, it will not only preserve the phone against different malicious applications and vulnerabilities but also remove undesired files. If you wish to remove other unwanted apps, then you can do it easily with the help of Clean Master.

ES File Explorer File Manager:

The app has already become a hot favorite for the Android users. It aids in simple navigation and accessing of the files that are present within your AndroidSmartphone.

DU Battery Saver:


It is a very important app if you would like to save the power consumption rate of your Android Smartphone. The app also comprises of the features to coordinate the background.

Appy Geek- Tech News:

If you are a tech savvy person and would like to come across the latest technology news, then this app is rightly meant for you.

News360- Personalized News:

If you would like to read the news of your personal interest then News360- Personalized News is an app that you can simply give consideration. It is competent enough to aggregate all the blogs, stories as well as the news topics that are directly concerned with your curiosity and point of interest.



Conducive with both Android and iOS platforms, it helps you to shop and eat in a healthy manner. With the help of this app, you can swiftly fetch all the nutritional information regarding the packaged food products from their bar codes.


It is the HR InTouch Mobile App that could benefit the employees with enrollment. It bestows employer with the capability to facilitate employee benefit data transmission with the proper enrollment system that is precise to the position of the employee.

It is also well equipped with the content related to pre-populated health and well-being and enable the administrators to allocate resources and information with employees on 24X7.

Sonic Boom Wellness:

Another great app dedicated to the wellness at the workplace, it gives the users access to the wellness libraries and also shows the growth of the employee with the help of a dashboard. It also benefits the user with beginning videos.


The App is the ideal choice for the employers who wish to grant their employee an access to HSA, HRA, FSA and COBRA management. It also has a payment center online facilitating the employees with direct billing. Besides, it also streamlines the administration of the benefits offered to the employee.